Désirée Crawford

November 5, 2019

Is There Room In Your Vision?

A crucial part in leadership is about moving forward. It is about leading yourself, your people, your business or organisation forward to where you want it to be. A vision keeps you, your people, and your business or organisation going.
Oktober 21, 2019

Summary of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an essential ingredient to successful leadership, communication, teamwork and so much more. Here is an overview according to Daniel Goleman.
Oktober 21, 2019

How to communicate effectively within a team

It’s one of those things, we usually think about communication on two occasions – when it’s missing or when it goes wrong. One of the issues, I believe, is that we’re expected to know how to do communication well, but most of us have not been taught how to. We even might not have learned what communication is. In this post, I share some foundations on communication that will transform you and your team!
September 30, 2019

Can Leaders Get Sick? How Prepared Are Our People?

But the question is, what happens when a leader gets sick? Can the team still function? Are decisions still made? Is there a plan that does not depend completely on the leader?