What kind of Leader do you want to be?

BEYOND Leadership Coaching provides individual coaching as well as workshops and team development intensives. I help leaders and managers who want to be more effective in leading people. If you would like to develop your leadership skills, such as task vs. people management, communication, and emotional intelligence, or you would like to more effectively apply different leadership styles, my customised programs will help you grow individually as well as improve the success of your organisation.


Hi, I’m Desiree Crawford and I’ve started BEYOND Leadership Coaching in 2019, the year after I finished my Master degree in Leadership.

I help leaders and managers to become more effective in leading people.

My passion for leadership and leadership development started from a young age. Having been in leadership positions from my early teens onward, I have also developed my skills and traits throughout my business studies where I focused on retail management.

From 2008 to 2012 I was in charge of up to six grocery stores and over one hundred employees as a regional area manager at one of the big discount retail corporations in Germany.
I particularly enjoyed develop and coach leaders around me, both store and area managers.

I gained much experience both of what to do and what not to do. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my roles was to apply different leadership styles in different situations.

Since then I have graduated from an International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia, have gained more practical experience in volunteer positions, and have finished my studies to follow my passion of providing Leadership Coaching that goes BEYOND your current capacity.

There are three main challenges that I see leaders face in their roles:
1. Lack of emotional intelligence
2. Lack of communication skills
3. Lack of flexibility in their leadership styles

To develop these skills, it is not enough to attend a workshop or read lots of books. It requires reflective thinking and conversation as well as practice and accountability…which is why I offer coaching to leaders and managers that want to become more effective in leading their people.

What kind of leader do you WANT to become?
– A leader whose vision is clear and attractive to follow?
– A leader that drives success for everyone involved?
– A leader who attends to both tasks and people in the most effective ways?

I’m so glad we live in a day and age where we have true freedom of choice. We don’t have to be the victim of our circumstances, lack of opportunities or lack of knowledge.

We don’t have to stay where we are at, we can develop to become who we want to become, both in life and in leadership.

Do you want to know what BEYOND could look like for you in your leadership?
Book a 30-min no-obligation strategy session to get clarity on your best next steps: https://calendly.com/desiecrawford/claritycall

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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